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Your Earthy Bathroom Oasis.

 Tips on how to create a green plastic-free bathroom sanctuary!

 Tips on how to create a green plastic-free bathroom sanctuary!

Get yourself an Environmental Bamboo Toothbrush - they're cute and the Earth loves them

Bamboo is super abundant, sustainable and renewable and its use for toothbrushes doesn’t impact on the food source of the Giant Panda in fact they don't actually like the MOSO bamboo used! The handle on the Environmental Toothbrush can be returned to Earth in compost as it will biodegrade into soil while you can dispose of the bristles into recycling.

 Toilet Paper with a social conscience does exist!

Who Gives A Crap – 100% recycled toilet paper, paper towel and tissues with an amazing social conscience and it gets even more wonderful with its plastic-free wrapping! They donate 50% of profits to sanitation projects across the globe while saving trees, energy and water at the same time! Just order online and they deliver to your door!

Say goodbye to disposable razors and invest in a shiny Safety Razor

100% stainless steel, high quality and durable, and plastic-free - a Safety Razor, with a little love and care, means you'll never have to resort to disposable plastic razors again (less waste to landfill!) And if it does ever get to the end of its life, the razor is completely recyclable along with the blades.

It's definitely a higher cost up front (around $45-$50) compared to the disposable alternative but the savings in the long run are amazing - both the money savings and the earthy savings!

I promise you, they aren't scary to use at all, just go slow! And a couple of care tips, always rinse the razor and blade thoroughly after each use and leave in a dry place to avoid rusting - if you slip up though there's plenty of handy hints online about removing sneaky rust!

Soap it old school with bars instead of squeezy handsoap plastic bottles!

Many liquid/foam soaps with those push down squeezy tops are filled with weird chemicals, not to mention their one-use plastic homes! So once you've run out, turn back the clock to the days of good ole soap bars!

My absolute favourite bars are by  Church Farm General Store which you can buy online, at many farmers markets or boutique stores! They are handmade using natural clays, real botanicals and essential oils and are palm oil free (amazing!) and cruelty free!