Mama earth is calling you

Your Eco Laundry.

 Give your laundry regime a green refresh!

 Give your laundry regime a green refresh!

Do away with detergents & embrace nature's very own Soap Berries

Washing detergents are full of chemical nasties, which our clothes and in turn our bodies absorb & end up flowing into our natural waterways.

Soap Berries are dried shell fruits which when added to water form a soapy consitency that's a natural detergent alternative! They are safe to return to Earth in your compost too!

Add a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil to your washing and you have an Earth-loving wash! The little berries can be used for handwashing, making a household cleaner and glass cleaner too.

Need a washing basket?

Go for the non-plastic variety! There are so many cute cane-style woven baskets out there that do the job perfectly!

And not all clothesline pegs have to be plastic!

You can pick up a big pack of wooden pegs for super cheap. It's all about asking yourself "Is there a plastic-free alternative?" when buying something new because chances are there always is!