Mama earth is calling you

Your Kitchen Of Earthy Goodness.

 Ideas on how to create an earth-loving kitchen!

 Ideas on how to create an earth-loving kitchen!

Ditch the cling wrap and foil for Beeswax Wraps

Give cling wrap, ziplock bags and foil the flick with naturally-made, locally produced beeswax wraps! They mould to your fruit & vege, bread, snacks, crackers (the list goes on!) and keeps them super fresh and the wraps can actually last up to a year! Just wash them in cold water with earth friendly detergent – and whalluh, goodbye waste!

Baking Paper - choose the compostable kind

Make roasting veggies and making raw treats waste free with compostable baking paper – most bulk food/health stores stock it. If you have a compost bin at home I rip up the used paper into shredded pieces and just throw it in!

 Keep an eye on your food waste at home

Only buy what you'll eat, always eat your leftovers and get creative and use every last piece of fruit & vege. It sounds so simple and obvious that it feels silly to write but collectively we have become so accustomed to this throw-away life we're living, that we're wasting and wasting and wasting in so many aspects of life without even realising what we're doing.

Choose glass and stainless steel Tupperware over plastic containers

When you start reducing your own footprint and limiting plastics it feels like there's this automatic pressure to go crazy and throw out everything plastic you already own. It's as though you feel Mama Earth is shaking her head at you in disgust and you experience this guilt (I've felt it too!) But doing this absolutely defeats the purpose of what our planet needs. If something already exists, like your plastic containers, keep using them! Forever if you can! But when it's time for something new, opt for the glass or stainless steel option. Jump onto sites like Biome for heaps of brands, sizes and shapes.

 Recycling is amazing but re-using is better!

Reuse over recycle! It’s awesome to recycle but reusing is even more awesome! Keep your old jars because a jar’s life cycle is forever – smoothie jar to go, snack jar to go, DIY body scrub jar, and a home for bulk foods like dried fruit, seeds, nuts, flour, quinoa etc!