About Me.

Hi, I'm Kate! Just a lover of all the earthy goodness of the natural world, constantly discovering how I can create a life that celebrates and respects all the beauty and wonder of Mama Earth.

Being the conscious police is never my intention nor is it to judge the choices of others. I'm not by any means a perfectly organic plastic-free nature warrior-like unicorn, but I feel I am now living more aligned with the Earth. Every purchase I make, every choice I make, I understand has an impact. It can be either a positive or a negative for our world, and I strive for the positive kind. And each day I am learning.

I know there are many out there who are overwhelmed, confused, curious and who simply just don't know where to start, so I created this earthy space for you!

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My Greener Life.

Returning home after backpacking through Central and South America for six months then living in Canada and camping for months at a time I realised I had shifted to a slower, simpler way of living more aligned with what I had always felt drawn to but not always connected to.

I began making small earthy changes to my life and began embracing my love for the natural world instead of shying away from it. Get Earthed was born from wishing I had a resource like this to help me navigate through this shift and to help inspire me along the way.

My first step was quitting single-use plastic water bottles and plastic bags, then it moved to eliminating cling wrap and foil by switching to locally produced beeswax wraps, then taking my own coffee cup and my own bowl for my favourite acai! Recently it's shifted to making my own plastic-free, animal loving, nasty chemical-free body scrubs, oils and hair treatments all from home!

Once you begin looking beyond what is now considered a normal, environmentally destructive way of living and begin altering your patterns, a wonderful snowball effect will be ignited, opening you up to an exciting and empowering community of minds in tune with Mama Earth.

And I promise you, awakening your Earth conscious life is a pretty awesome feeling!