As I continue looking at all areas of my life where plastic sneaks its way in, it’s time for me to ditch the lip balm housed in plastic that will take hundreds and hundreds of years to even begin to not break down but BREAK UP into many more mini pieces of plastic!

I already had Coconut Oil and Peppermint Essential Oil at home so with just a few clicks in the 100% Palm Oil Free and Cruelty Free Biome Online Store I had all the goodies for my DIY project – I now have enough ingredients for the recipe many times over!

Yes it’s a cost upfront but I use Peppermint Oil in DIY air freshener and body scrub recipes and bliss ball and chocolate recipes, I will use the Shea Butter to make moisturising body cream, the Lavender Oil for household cleaning products and Coconut Oil for body care recipes and cooking!

I gave the Peppermint Lavender Lip Balm recipe a whirl and it is crazy easy! And a huge plus with DIY recipes is that I know exactly what’s in it! All natural and free from those chemical nasties that many body products are riddled with!

What You Need

¼ cup Beeswax Beads

¼ cup Shea Butter

¼ cup Coconut Oil

10 drops Peppermint Essential Oil

10 drops Lavender Essential Oil

A couple of little jars/tins/containers!


What To Do

1.    Melt the wax, shea butter and coconut oil together in a glass jug/bowl over a simmering saucepan of water.

2.    Once melted, add your essential oils and mix quickly.

3.    Pour the mixture into your jars/tins/containers and allow to cool and set – whalluh!

Earthy Tips!

·     If you have any leftover just store in a glass jar and when you’re ready refill your lip balm jars, just melt it down, refill and leave to set!

·     You can buy little jars/pots online but I just used a jar I saved from quince paste from a picnic platter and the tin my No Pong natural deodorant comes in – reusing and repurposing is the way to a greener world!