Once you begin asking the questions, questioning why we are so grossly dependant on a man-made product like plastic, questioning where our rubbish will go now that China has stopped accepting other nations' recycling and waste, it can become super overwhelming and pretty disheartening.

This "I don't know how to help" feeling can be so incredibly all encompassing and can hinder our empowerment of ourselves and those around us.

With these paralysing feelings, we are actually sending the wrong energies out into the universe. Dwelling on this feeling of overwhelm means you can actually end up doing nothing, out of discontent with never being able to do enough.

But it's so important to remember the smallest of choices and the smallest of changes, do matter. That one plastic bag you say no to, does matter. The skincare product you refuse and make naturally from your own home, does matter. The straw you refuse, the food waste you compost, the beeswax wraps you invest in - it all matters.  

I used to be very closed about my love of animals and nature, I kept my views and thoughts very close to my chest, I think in fear of judgement or confrontation. I naturally retreat in moments of confrontation so if my ways or my beliefs were questioned I would quickly brush the interaction off. But I have finally learned to embrace it.

Without even realising it, once you begin making changes to your own life you will naturally spark curiosity and action in those around you. I've had people say to me, "how do those beeswax wraps work?" or "every time I say yes to a plastic bag now I can hear your voice in my head!" or "I just watched 'A Plastic Ocean' I never want to use plastic water bottles every again!" This gets me so freaking excited! Don't underestimate your power to change the destructive path mankind is on.

There absolutely is a space for a head-on, activist-style approach to sustainability and conservation, and these incredible Earth Protectors shine so bright in my eyes. But that approach might not feel authentically you. Earth's Tribe is made up of many different people with many different personalities and we need them all!

So whether it’s creating a greener lifestyle just for yourself, creating an Earth conscious foundation/community group, lobbying for change or designing a cutting edge Earth-loving product – just remember, you do you!

So, ignite that fire for protecting Mother Nature that has been waiting inside you to be set alight, because I promise you once you do, there is an amazing community of nature warriors ready to embrace you, inspire you and take you along the wonderful road to living a conscious life.

Your passion for a greater, kinder and more sustainable world is needed.


Kate Baker