Get Earthed On The Go.

Go 'Topless For The Sea' and say no to your takeaway coffee lid

As The Plastic Free Mermaid says, Go Topless For The Sea! Saying 'no' to a plastic lid is awesome (every little bit counts!) but paper cups are super sneaky because the majority actually have a plastic lining which stops the paper breaking down!

So even earthier, take your own coffee cup!

Many boutique stores, health food shops and cafes now sell amazing ceramic art cups or just jump online to awesome sites like Pottery for the Planet or Keep Cup or Grit Ceramics– so many options! They’re so pretty that your cup will become the new best friend you’re proud to show off!

Take your own container & spoon for your favourite Acai Bowl

Some Acai plastic and ‘paper’ containers are labelled with words like “BioCup” or “Biodegradable” but sadly a lot of this is just sneaky and super confusing Greenwash. Many actually take hundreds of years to even start to biodegrade! So get creative and take your own bowl! You will be surprised at how many businesses are on board with loving Earth, I’ve only ever been greeted with a smile and a chirpy “of course you can!” You just have to ask!

You can use any container you already have or you could find the perfect ceramic bowl or even one of these awesome coconut bowls made from re-purposed coconut shells - so exotic!

Stay even more hydrated by doing away with single-use water bottles

Ever since pledging to never buy single-use plastic water bottles again my footprint on the planet has dropped and my water intake has increased! Taking your stainless steel or glass water bottle with you everywhere will soon just become habit – you’ll have an endless supply of beautiful water wherever you go!

If you already have a reusable plastic bottle that’s so fine! It's always better to keep using what already exists than buy something new. But next time you need to invest in a newie give a stainless one a go! There are even companies like Klean Kanteen who donate a % of their profit to helping the environment!

Keep our oceans beautiful

Every time you go to the beach 'Take 3 For The Sea' and pick up at least three pieces of rubbish and take it with you. Just make it another post-beach ritual just like washing the sand off your feet!