The Body Of An Earthess.

The body we live in is just as important as the earth we live on. Many skincare and beauty products are riddled with nasties that we can’t even pronounce let alone understand the effects of. Our skin is our biggest organ so it is absorbing all these foreign chemicals and additives!

Love your body Earthed-style by making your own body scrubs

There are so many amazing recipes online using beautiful essential oils and ingredients you may already have at home. So why not ditch the scrub housed in a plastic home and make your own using one of your empty jars! A super simple recipe is 2 cups of healthy oil like almond, olive, safflower or coconut oil, 2 cups of sea salt, Himalayan salt or Epsom salt or a mixture (you can buy these salts in bulk in health food shops using paper bags provided) with around 20-30 drops of Peppermint Oil (adjust the quantities to suit your texture and consistency preferences!) It’s the perfect double whammy combo of a la natural and plastic free!

Hair treatments only of natural goodness, because shiny, healthy hair doesn't have to be all chemically!

The options for DIY natural, cruelty free hair treatments are never ending – my favourite is 2 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tsp Manuka honey and 4 drops Rosemary essential oil mixed together then just apply all over. You can leave it in for an hour or overnight, it's up to you, but just make sure you give your hair a good shampoo afterwards. It’s so crazy easy and smells freaking delicious!

 Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Show Mama Earth some love with plastic free, cruelty free shampoo and conditioner bars like the ones from Ethique. They are full of natural goodness without the nasties, they soap up super well (one even smells like Minties!) and they come in compostable packaging too. Just keep them in one of your re-purposed air tight glass jars!

Try Dry Brushing over plastic exfoliating sponges and body mits

Many exfoliating sponges, mits and gloves are made from plastic and just don’t have the same benefits as Dry Brushing! It stimulates lymphatic flow, increases blood circulation, naturally reduces cellulite and is a powerful detoxification aid leaving you with healthy, glowing skin. I currently use a brush by Stass & Co.