This Earthy Space Is For You.

Hi I'm Kate, a down to earth regular nature loving gal ( who is obsessed who her dog, Bluey )  who is on a journey of discovering how I can do more to look after Mama Earth. I'm not here to be the consciousness police or judge anyone's choices - I'm certainly not a plastic free perfect Unicorn, I'm learning as I go and know there are others out there who don't know where to start so I created this earthy space for you.

Returning home after backpacking through Central and South America for six months then living in Canada and camping for months at a time I realised I had shifted to a slower, simpler way of living more aligned with what I had always felt drawn to but not always connected to.

I began making small earthy changes to my life and began embracing my love for the natural world instead of shying away from it. Get Earthed was born from wishing I had a resource like this to help me navigate through this shift and to help inspire me along the way.

Your earth-loving choices and changes don't have to be hard to make, they don't have to be huge and they don't have to completely and instantly change your way of life – just take One Earth Conscious Step At A Time.

To avoid the overwhelming pressure of 'saving the world' I feel it comes down to embracing simple and just…'You do you', because it's the only thing we know how.

Maybe you're drawn to Becoming A Shopper For Mama Earth or creating Your Kitchen of Earthy Goodness or Your Eco Laundry or Your Earthy Bathroom Oasis, or maybe you're wanting to Get Earthed On The Go or nourish Your Body of An Earthess - I have broken down the earthy tips I live by into little drop down compartments to not overwhelm and confuse you but to help you hone into the area/s of your life that are calling on you for some green love.

Once you begin looking beyond what is now considered a normal, environmentally destructive way of living and begin altering your patterns, a wonderful snowball effect will be ignited, opening you up to an exciting and empowering community of minds in tune with Mama Earth.

And I promise you, awakening your Earth conscious life is a pretty awesome feeling!