Your Eco Laundry. 

Do away with detergents and their chemical nasties and embrace nature's very own Soap Berries

Washing detergents are full of chemicals, which our clothes and in turn our bodies absorb and end up flowing into our natural waterways. Soap Berries are dried shell fruits which when added to water form a soapy consistency = a natural detergent alternative! They are safe to return to earth in your compost too!  Add a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil to your washing and you have a Earth loving wash!

Soap Berries are super versatile you can use them for so many things around the house - to hand wash your delicates, as a household cleaner, pre-wash stain remover and a hand wash.

Needing a washing basket? Go for the non-plastic variety!

And remember, not all clothesline pegs have to be plastic!