Plastic Free July = Choosing What Relates To You!


If it’s your first time giving Plastic Free July a whirl you might be a bit unsure of what it is and what you can do!

This year it’s all about #choosetorefuse.

The easiest option is to try cutting out the BIG 4 – plastic water bottles, plastic bags, coffee cups & straws – these are the main offenders!

If you’re a crazy straw guy who loves smoothies, juices and iced coffees on the go then you could focus on refusing a straw or BYO-ing your own metal straw. Or if you’re 6 coffees a day girl then that’s your thing to focus on – invest in one of the many awesome keep cups on offer these days!

But maybe you’re all about the coffee-free vibes and barely get straw-y and your stainless steel water bottle has already been your best buddy for years – so you could look at your food waste at home, or maybe it’s takeaway containers or maybe you have a trillion unnecessary beauty products?

And if you're already pretty eco savvy, then you could start looking at swapping out cling wrap for beeswax wraps? Or switching to bamboo toothbrushes? Or giving natural Soap Berries a go instead of chemical laundry detergents?

Our world is riddled with plastics at the moment, but honestly there are SO many things we can do. Big or small. It doesn’t matter…because it all matters!

Have a little look through the below links for some earthy hints and tips!

Just choose what feels right for you, choose what relates to your life. Ask the questions and work out where in your life you could add a bit of green love, and go for it!

My main tip this Plastic Free July is that your new earth-conscious choices and changes don't have to be hard to make. They don't have to be huge and they don't have to completely and instantly change your way of life - just take one step at a time.

Obviously come August 1 the point isn’t to throw a huge plastic party and revert back to our old plasticy ways! But to continue down this wonderful path to a greener world where our eyes grow bigger and wider to the oceans and oceans of better alternatives.

It’s all about creating green habits during the month (they say it takes 21 days to create a habit!), trying not to give into the trap of inconvenience and really just doing our best and learning each day.

Kate Baker