Choose To Refuse This Plastic Free July!


It was this very movement two years ago that opened my eyes up to the big wonderful world that is loving and respecting the incredible planet we call home.

Now Mama Earth is calling on you to #choosetorefuse this Plastic Free July!

How crazy is it that we have created more plastic in just the last 10 years than we did the entire century before?!

Our recycling system is so up in the air at the moment following China’s decision to stop accepting the world’s plastic in December last year. Relying on another nation to take our rubbish for years means Australia is now scrambling to figure out what to do with our crazy overconsumption and our plastics are piling up and piling up with no country willing to buy it – so our waste centres are dumping it in landfill.

So while recycling used to be the buzzword it then moved to reusing (it’s still super awesome to reuse your plastics too by the way!) but we’re so far gone now that choosing to refuse to begin with is even more awesome!

The plastic bottles, bags, takeaway coffee cups and containers that we use just for a few minutes are made of materials designed to last forever.

That takeaway container or plastic bottle you might reuse a couple of times will eventually end up in the bin or in landfill or in our oceans so better yet, avoid it completely!

In saying that though, definitely keep up the recycling (FYI - wash any food off items first and try to group paper together, glass together, plastics together etc!) and just hope it’s re-purposed into new products. But just be mindful this magical world of recycling we have created in our minds may not actually be happening the way were thought it did at the moment!

So, this Plastic Free July choose whatever approach feels good and right for you.

Whether you go all-in with the "I'm going completely plastic-free today, forever!" style of approach to just cutting out the Big 4 – takeaway coffee cups, plastic bags, plastic water bottles & straws – you do you!

It's not about going head on into a new fad, it's about creating a new sustainable way of life – forever, not just for today.

A heads up! When you start reducing your own footprint and reducing your plastic use you can feel this automatic pressure to go crazy and throw out everything plastic you already own. It's as though you feel Mama Earth shaking her head at you in disgust and you experience a weird feeling of guilt.

But remember, doing this absolutely defeats the purpose of what our planet needs. If something already exists, like your plastic containers or your plastic reusable water bottle, keep using them! Forever if you can! When it's time for something new though, opt for the glass or stainless steel or recycled options.

Another big point to remember! Never doubt the impact your choices have.

That one straw you say no to could save the life of one of our beautiful friends under the sea!

That one plastic bag you say no to could be one less "jellyfish" a beautiful turtle mistakenly eats!

And saving just one life is pretty amazing, imagine the possibilities!

Kate BakerComment