The Mistold Story of Adopting Rescues


Each night I think surely he’s run out of love, but then he wakes with a new layer of cute and even more love than the day before. He’s been doing this every day for the past seven years.

He’s my little pin-up model for pound puppies. And I couldn’t be prouder.

Bluey came to me as one of my foster dogs six years ago. I remember so clearly the first time I saw him. It really felt like the world stopped when I saw the eyes of the most loving, sensitive soul. He lay his head on my leg and closed his eyes and I instantly loved him so much.

All I knew is he had a family for one year but they for an unknown reason surrendered him to the pound. Three days off being put down due to the at-capacity shelter down south, Bluey was left with me to care for him until he found his forever home.

A lover of all humans, he is obsessed with people. He is this magical four-legged ball of love, and sprinkles all his Bluey-ness everywhere he goes, just beaming sunshine and happiness. He has this beautiful gift of making anyone and everyone smile. And I am so glad the world gave him another chance.

I used to write voluntarily for the Animal Welfare League of Queensland helping the team match animals with their perfect human families. This opened my mind up to the so many misconceptions around adopting rescue animals, which ultimately sees them overlooked in favour of expensive purebreds who have this stigma of being superior.

People’s living arrangements change, they find themselves with financial burdens out of their control, they succumb to illness and are unable to care for their fur family members, and they simply realise that having a dog isn’t all tiny puppies and mini toys. Leaving behind the innocent.

They aren’t damaged. They aren’t unlovable. They are just a product of human circumstance.

When my dog passed away after the most wonderful 13-year best friendship, our home felt so incomplete. It was missing Moey’s undying love, his gentle giant nature, his most beautiful spirit.

That’s when I began fostering dogs through Friends of Pound. And this reinforced:

·         Purebreds can become homeless too! I’ve met Labradors, Border Collies, Boxers, Greyhounds, Cocker Spaniels in shelters along with the most beautiful, unique mix breeds.

·         Not all have gone through trauma or abuse, but the ones that do can make the most wonderful, calm, low-maintenance pets. They just need a second chance.

·         Many are guilty of thinking all rescues end up at shelters/pounds due to behavioural issues – which couldn’t be further from the truth!

·         Rescue dogs/cats don’t have to be only children! They can make amazing companions for your other furry family members.

To me, why do we need to create more beautiful when there’s already so much beautiful already here on earth waiting to shower us with all the love? Why are we turning to breeders, puppy farms and pet shops when our shelters are so desperate to find homes for so many beautiful creatures right now?

If you are considering growing your family with a furry addition I urge you to please understand this is a huge, long term commitment. And I urge you to please read up on the rescue world – have a read of all the beautiful rescue success stories out there, get to understand the truth behind those misconceptions and learn the benefits of ‘adopt don’t shop’.

Kate BakerComment